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Bakers 3PC Tool Kit | Wax - Budder - Shatter - BHO

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Short Decription The Bakers Wax Carving 3 PC Tool Kit is the perfect accessory for Wax and Medical Concentrates.

The kit includes three double sided tools.
1 x Daub-n-Spread
1x Pick-n-Awl
1 x Scrape-n-Brush
1 x Custom Carry Case

These Tools are made from the highest grade medical stainless steel. Using Medical Grade Stainless steel means these tools are Heat Resistant, corrosion resistant, durable and Dishwasher safe. The Bakers tools are polished, beveled and easy to use. This is a must have tool kit!

bubble hash
Reg Price: $38.99
Sale Price: $29.95
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Hash Oil Cartridge Fill Funnel

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Short Decription
Fits Wacky Atomizers.

Now you can fill your hash oil cartridge with ease.

This stainless steel funnel is custom made to cover the intake air hole so you don't get oil down the air tube.

Built from the highest quality stainless steel.

Push and turn your funnel into the cartridge and pour in your oil with ease.

bubble hash
Reg Price: $6.49
Sale Price: $4.95
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510 Thread Battery USB Charger with Wall Adapter

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Short Decription
Replacement e-cigarette charger
Fits 510 Thread e-cigarette batteries

5V / 500mA

2 PC set includes : USB Charger with 110V Wall adapter

bubble hash
Reg Price: $6.99
Sale Price: $3.00
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CO2 / BHO Oil Concentrate Syringes

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Short Decription BHO / CO2 / Pheniox Tears Syringes

Easily fill Vials, Atomizers, Cartridges with accuracy with a resuable Syringe.
Ideal for dosing edible concentrates like Coconut CannaOils and Green Dragon Tinctures
Single Syringes with Stopper Available in 1 mL / 5 mL / 10 mL

bubble hash
Reg Price: $2.95
Sale Price: $0.00
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